Writing a note verbale

American Embassy's Note Verbale No.187

It is flushed left, written in capital and small letters, and followed by a colon. The Government or UN office-holder e. If the indexer judges the title of an annex to be insufficient or inflammatory in any way, a note should be composed instead.

A pro memoria is a formal record of discussion. A consistent approach is important in assigning subject terms to denote specific incidents, events and situations. Other significant subjects Primary geographic subject terms tag first indicator 1 should be assigned in conformity with the geographic linkage of subjects.

Unless specifically authorized by the Department, posts should not act on instructions transmitted directly from another post, or from another agency, whether by cable or other means e.


It may also be sent through regular mail channels. These are typed single-spaced at least six spaces below the text and are numbered consecutively with a brief description of each. When an aide-memoire is prepared in the Department, it is not signed, but initialed in the lower right corner of the last page of text.

The complimentary close for a minister for foreign affairs, other high foreign government officials, or an ambassador shall be "Accept, Excellency or other appropriate titlethe renewed assurances of my highest consideration.

Unless there are compelling reasons to require verbatim delivery, the demarche instruction cable should make it clear that post may use its discretion and local knowledge to structure and deliver the message in the most effective way. The city and date with the day, month and year are written at the upper right-hand corner, two spaces below the file number.

Note verbale

A note diplomatique may be signed or initialed by a government representative from the Department or an officer authorized by the chief of mission at post see 5 FAH-1, Exhibit H The description of the enclosures should not extend beyond the middle of the page.

Indexers should ensure that only neutral terms are linked with primary geographic subject terms. In cases where a letter or note transmits resolutions, recommendations, etc. Enclosures are indented five spaces to the right. The drafting office shall keep its own file copies. The following guidelines apply to Demarches requiring translation.

A diplomatic courtesy phrase or complimentary close is not used. The salutation "Excellency" should be used in a formal note to a minister for foreign affairs, other high foreign government officials or to an ambassador of another country.

Titles of letters and notes verbales often provide only the date of transmittal recorded in coded form:Mar 27,  · American Embassy's Note Verbale No There is enclosed for the Department's records a copy of the Embassy's note no.

of December 4, in reply to the note from the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated November 10, on the subject mentioned above. The Embassy's note was based on information provided by.

Note verbale definition is - a diplomatic note that is more formal than an aide-mémoire and less formal than a note, is drafted in the third person, and is never signed. memo code cable note verbale email message note letter fax 2) Which type(s) of communication require(s) a summary of one to three sentences or phrases at the.

A note verbale is an informal third-person note. It is less formal than a first-person note but more formal than an aide-memoire (see samples in 5 FAH-1 Exhibit HA through Exhibit HB). 2. Transmittal note (for letter from the Secretary-General to a head of State) 3.

Informal letter (Secretariat official to a permanent representative) 4. Informal letter (Secretariat official to the head of a specialized agency) 5. Informal letter (Secretariat official to an official.

Preparation of Correspondence External Communications However, when writing to a Charge d'Affaires ad interim, it does not commence with the same introduction.


Writing a note verbale
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