Writing a modest proposal of your own

Satirical writing is not easy. Give it a simple title that never reveals the irony included in the essay, in the vein of "A Modest Proposal," which is anything but a modest proposal.

You can have fun with this. You would continue on in this fashion, and give more facts, then make your proposal. Have the argument come from an expert in the field of fashion.

Swift wrote the essay anonymously and in pamphlet form, which at the time was the format for political rallying cries.

A recent article in Time Magazine reports that there are currently two billion homeless people in the United States and this number increases by another every year. Verbal irony is defined as a figure of speech in which the writer says the opposite of what he means. First give facts and figures - you can just make them up, since this is a satire - and have fun with it.

You will need to decide on a topic first. See the information about this essay here on enotes. Every writer needs a good editor. Since there is a shortage of teachers, the homeless should be gathered up on a bus and assigned to the various schools in the city to teach students.

Share your essay with a trusted friend or another writer and ask him to mark down any changes or fixes they find. First give facts and figures - you can just make them up, since this is a satire - and have fun with These mothers, instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced to employ all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants: Irony is the tool that Swift employed to deliver biting satire.

The homeless should be recruited into the military and sent to Iraq to fight. Carefully choose words and phrases that maintain a consistent voice for your character.

Since cities have to cut back on services, the homeless should all be given guns and deputized and made police officers.

How to Write a Modest Proposal Essay

What could you propose to solve homelessness? Do not take any constructive criticism personally.

How To Write A Modest Proposal

It needs to be outrageous. The essay remains one of the most shocking satires in print, and a primer for satirical essays, such as those found in publications like "The Onion. Swift, writing as if a statistician who had solved the problems of the poor, unveiled the theory that the Irish could sell their babies as food to the English.

Then, jot down some outlandish ideas, such as a law that requires all handguns to be painted in floral designs.

Practice and study verbal irony. Revise the essay, after studying your first draft and taking note of any edits or suggestions. Since this essay was a social satire, why not choose one of the social evils of our own day - homlesessness, poverty, drug abuse, etc.

It is more than simple sarcasm. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. The homeless should be sent to Washington to run the country in place of politicians this is my favorite!“A Modest Proposal” Writing Project.

Assignment: Write your own “modest proposal” in which you present a problem, the proposal, and the benefits of your proposal. This will take the form of a pamphlet. Make sure to use methods of satire: such as hyperbole, understatement, irony, incongruity, and fantasy.

College Writing Your Own Modest Proposal Assignment: After reading Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” write your own half-serious satirical solution to a problem in modern American society.

You may work with one or two partners, but. "A Modest Proposal" never attacks anyone, rather it satirizes the separation of rich and poor through irony. Share your essay with a trusted friend or another writer and ask him to mark down any changes or fixes they find.

How do you write a Modest Proposal? have to make my own Modest Proposal, modeled after Swift's, for an AP English class, and after days and days of research I still have no clue what to write about.

Do you have any topics for writing your own modest proposal?

Aug 07,  · I have to write my own Modest Proposal tonight for my literature class. Based off of Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal, a satire essay about solving Ireland’s overpopulation and poverty issues by selling and eating babies.

Home Essays Your Own Modest Proposal. Your Own Modest Proposal. Topics: Satire, The style of Swift’s writing, the structure and detail of his scheme, the value laden language and metaphoric examples help him accomplish his task.

Writing a modest proposal of your own
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