The king must die

The King Must Die

Her ultimate fate is not known. Homosexuality[ edit ] Mary Renault is well known for her positive depiction of homosexualityand although this trait is not as important in The King Must Die as in her other novels, it is still present.

His journeys take him across the wild and bandit-infested Isthmus of Corinth first to the goddess-ruled city of Eleusis and ultimately to Athens. The Queen welcomes them, and Theseus looks at the King, who seems distracted, and then realizes that he will be killed the next day at the feast of Dionysos.

One of the girls, Helike, is a tumblerand can dance very well. Theseus believes that he is the son of the sea-god Poseidon. One might even go so far as The king must die say that it is another world full of strange wonders and people who both fascinate and repel.

They bathe in a sacred lake, and Theseus asks a priest about the harper whom he has heard at Troizen. The five male Cranes apart from Theseus and Amyntor.

Crude, ruthless and clever, Asterion has succeeded in isolating his nominal father, the dying Minos, and is positioning himself to take the throne. He sleeps with her and returns to the Bull Court before morning.

To make a long story short Theseus grows in knowledge and confidence and eventually leaves his tiny home in order to find his fortune, and his earthly father, in the wider world. Theseus becomes a Cretan slave.

Minyan versus Hellene[ edit ] Much of the plot is woven around conflicts between the Minyans, the short, dark, matriarchal descendants of the earliest Greeks or possibly the pre-Greek peoples that inhabited Hellas and the Hellenes, the tall, blond, patriarchal people who long ago immigrated into Greece and slew, drove out or subjugated many of the Minyans.

Again Renault does a superlative job of taking what is, on the face of it, an utterly fantastic story and bringing its details down to earth without divesting it of its magic and mythic allure.

Small for his age, Theseus learns to outwrestle larger youths by using his agility. She has passed out, and Theseus thinks that the older priest slept with her on the mountain. Poseidon is angrier than any of them could imagine. However, this leads to a conversation with his grandfather the King who tells him how the King used to be sacrificed with the Horse and how even now a true king of the Hellene people, whose duty is to look after his people, may need to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Theseus is able to gain control of the kingdom and Persephone flees. The bulk of the novel concentrates on the time Theseus spends in Crete at the labyrinthine court of Minos as leader of a team of bull-dancers. The best bull-dancer in Crete—until he lays down his life in the ring for a comrade soon after the Cranes arrive.

The Queen invites them to stay for the feast, and Ariadne accepts, although Theseus wishes that she had not. Theseus soon becomes restless after he tries to participate in governing with his Queen and is rebuffed. He jumps to his own death before the ship can make it into port.

When they have their bull dance that day, Herakles has seemingly gone mad and almost kills Theseus before falling dead. This state of affairs horrifies Theseus, because a ruler needs to be dedicated to the gods in order to properly lead the people.

At an early age he discovers that he can sense earthquakes. When the Create king dies there is an earthquake and a rebellion. Some of the women begin dropping away from the carriage and finding men, and Theseus drinks more and searches for Ariadne.

He used poles and pry bars to move the stone and retrieved a sword and sandals. He interprets this skill as proof of his heritage.

Gods and Goddesses[ edit ] None of the gods or goddesses referred to in the novel actually make appearances.

He shows respect for the earth mother goddess but clearly looks to the male Sky gods as his main benefactors. Theseus is unwilling to let his men go as slaves and volunteers himself.Elton John is the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Elton John, released on 10 April by DJM Records.

It was released by Uni Records as John's debut album in the United States; many people there assumed it was his first album, as Empty Sky was not released in that country until The King Must Die: A Novel - Kindle edition by Mary Renault.

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The King Must Die Summary & Study Guide

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The king must die
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