The irony of the jungle

Thus, Sinclair effectively paints this otherwise joyous day as a series of miserable details that give credibility to the title of his novel. No sooner, the wedding feast grimly begins to foreshadow the new world Jurgis and his family will face by immigrating to this city.

Jurgis learns that unions are not always in the best interest of the worker when they decide to strike against the employer and form picket lines he must cross to make money his life so depends on.

He takes up a job in a pickling-basement The irony of the jungle poor air quality and contact with poisonous chemicals, which ultimately leads to his death. Lack of sympathy is a common theme which helps Sinclair paint the picture of an unforgiving environment, where people come and go, processed much like cattle.

Realizing their home will be increasingly difficult to afford when deciding to have a child with Jurgis, Ona must work in the meatpacking district. In fact, the labor unions and politics are equally as wild in The Jungle.

We could never get anything to do — here — again.

The Jungle

Fellow countrymen, unknown to the family, come to these large gatherings and drink the beer, some even stealing from the donations, leaving the debt with the family as they escape.

Saloonkeepers who are in the favor of politicians and lawmen erve the party low quality, half drunk alcohol but charge for top quality and fully consumed liquor. The Irony of the Jungle The Irony of the Jungle 1 January Capitalism This surge in population was largely attributed to immigrants coming from European countries seeking a chance for employment and new freedoms associated with moving to the United States at the time.

Throughout his novel, Upton Sinclair tells numerous tragic tales of deceit, sickness, death and other losses that most of the characters never regain. If Jurgis and his family are put in danger by the jobs and debts they take on to support themselves, it will surprise the reader that those institutions meant to protect the people are absent in their duty.

Upon initial inspection of the novel, the reader may be left wondering how the tragedies of Jurgis and his family are left ignored but the very themes Sinclair explores explain the unexpected reception he achieved.

Sinclair titled his book to showcase the struggles and dangers the working class faced, but his intentions were lost on the public who reacted to the less voluminous details about rancid meat. If a strong man like Jurgis can be broken by the working and living conditions, it is no surprise that Ona is also broken by the system, being raped by her boss and unable to do anything about it because of his favor with politicians and lawmen.

Jurgis is known for his strength, a source of pride he carries with him to assure him of his goals when coming to America. He told he would — we would all of us lose our places. The novel begins appropriately with an elaborate chapter on the wedding of Jurgis and his bride Ona.All uses of IRONY in THE JUNGLE.

This page emphasizes word sense 1 with descriptive links to other senses. The Jungle has many symbols within. I believe the first symbol was Jurgis and Ona's son, Antanas. I believe Antanas symbolises hope in the family. The Irony of The Jungle Between and Chicago grew from a population ofto almost million, the fastest-growing city ever at the time.

This surge in population was largely attributed to immigrants coming from European countries seeking a chance for employment and new freedoms associated with moving to the United States at the time.

Get an answer for 'In Chapter 12 of Lord of the Flies, what is the irony of the fire? I've read it over and over but still can't seem to find it.' and find homework help for other Lord of the. Sinclair uses metaphors to describe his characters as if they are in a jungle when describing Jurgis’ wedding nerves: “Jurgis could take up a two-hundred-and-fifty-pound quarter of beef and carry it into a car without a stagger, or even a thought; and now he stood in a far corner, frightened as a hunted animal ”(p.

The Irony of the Jungle

44). As you should know, "The Jungle," by Upton Sinclair, is set in the meatpacking district of Chicago. Jurgis and his family leave for Chicago to find “the American Dream.” Most of them failed at finding a job and encountered many family problems.

The irony of the jungle
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