Target market for chain grocery stores

While not as price focused as budget conscious consumers, good value is important to them. Family feeders As suggested by the name, this market segment has a main grocery buyer usually a parent that is buying groceries on behalf of their family.

Do not approach the company overview section the same way you would in a business plan -- as an introduction to outsiders. Instead, use the company overview to describe how your product and service offerings appeal to your target customers in more compelling ways than your competitors.

These consumers would be most responsive to a brand that builds high-quality image, higher quality products, higher price products, but less responsive to sales promotions and discounts.

While some consumers in this segment are restricted by diet, most just want to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. These consumers are typically more involved in their purchase decisions, making packaging design and information more important to this segment. They favor retail outlets that are conveniently located, have clear displays, and easy to find information.

This means that they are generally and easier to win segment, but much harder to retain in the long-term. In terms of regular groceries these consumers seek out higher quality food solutions and are generally less price-sensitive. They can be swayed somewhat by sales promotions and discounts, but are generally unresponsive to these offers, as opposed to some of the other market segments.

In terms of their grocery purchases, the healthy and natural segment will select products that are natural, fat-free, low-carb, vegetarian gluten-free, or some other health attribute.

Due to their busy lifestyle, they are probably more likely to engage in online shopping, as well as using vending machines.

Gourmet focus The final market segment of grocery shoppers tend to be attracted to quality, both in terms of the retail environment and the brands that they purchase. Healthy and natural This increasingly important market segment is concerned with the health and environmental impact of their purchases and will probably seek out environmentally friendly retailers as well.

A marketing plan for a grocery store can provide the guidance a startup entrepreneur needs to fill a lucrative niche in the local grocery industry.

Market share of the leading U.S. food retailers 2016

This market segment tends to be brand loyal to the retailer, as well as the brands that they purchase. Although most grocery stores rely on strikingly similar business models and product offerings, specialty retailers can differentiate their stores through target marketing and unique service offerings.

Demographics and geographic characteristics can be easily measured, but psychological and behavioristic traits are more difficult to quantify.

On-the-go consumers This market segment of consumers tends to have a busy lifestyle, and offer involving work, travel, perhaps study, and sporting activities. For example, if your SWOT analysis reveals that you have a very low cost structure and there are no other discount grocery chains in the area, consider a comprehensive strategy that includes advertisements focusing on lower prices and in-store sales to attract value-seekers.

Detail your pricing philosophies, for example, as well as your planned promotional programs or unique service offerings, such as bagger car-loading.

Marketing Plan for a Grocery Store

You may decide to start with a budget before developing your strategies to give yourself clear boundaries to work within, or you may decide to create a budget after developing your strategies; regardless, calculate the total cost of implementation and revise your marketing strategies as necessary to work within your financial means.Share of people shopping at Whole Foods Market grocery stores in the United States inby age People who shopped at Whole Foods Marketby age Popular Related Keywords food.

List of supermarket chains in the United States Jump to Latino Express Grocery - Hispanic chain in New Orleans area (3 stores) Las Palmas Mercado Y Carniceria (San Jose, CA) Numero Uno Market - Hispanic chain (10 stores in Los Angeles area) La Perla Tapatía Supermarkets. Cheap-but-chic Target is the US's #2 discount chain (behind Wal-Mart).

The fashion-forward discounter operates 1,plus Target and SuperTarget stores across North America, as well as an online business at Target and its larger grocery-carrying incarnation, SuperTarget, have carved out a niche by offering more upscale, trend Location: NICOLLET MALL, MINNEAPOLIS,MN.

Market segmentation example for grocery shoppers

percent of the U.S. grocery market, and this Aldi, the no-frills German grocery chain, has also entered the American market. In the late s, Kmart, Target, and Wal-Mart identified the supercenter that a major Target Unequal Competition Among Chains of Supercenters.

Free two-day shipping for hundreds of thousands of items on orders of $35+ or free same-day store pick-up, plus free and easy returns. Save 5% every day with your Target REDcard. Mar 25,  · Smaller chains, including Trader Joe's, are expanding as Wal-Mart and Target pump up their food offerings.

Then there are online players and Google, which are.

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Target market for chain grocery stores
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