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They are made of Keratin — the major protein components of hair, horn, hoofs, wool, nails and the quills of feathers. Due to the decreasing numbers of elephants the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES decided to put a ban on selling and trading of ivory in order to stop the poaching of these elephants.

However Advocates claim that current strategies to combat rhino poaching are not doing enough, and that the one-off sale could be enough to satisfy Poaching problem essay current demand for rhino horn, reduce the price and reduce poaching.

Here it was made into ornamental handles for daggers jambiyas. Rhino poachers are not always the ones to blame for the poaching of the rhinos. Poachers often enter through the Poaching problem essay side of the kruger national park across the Carumane damn.

Rhino Poaching Essay Sample

These poachers escape before security can arrive. Africa for example is a continent in which its animals and people that have been strongly affected by poaching.

In certain Asian countries, ground rhino horn is thought and used to cure almost everything including sexual inadequacy. The people are warned not to consume the horn due to the side effects.

This is due to mostly to the condition of the country was in before the bans. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

For intermittent fevers with delirium. These would keep continuing until there is nothing left valuable to exploit and rare species are extinct. Rhino horns are also used for Jambiya handles but this is not very common now days. Rhinos are more closely related to horses as opposed to elephants.

Due to the scarcity of rhino horns the price has increased, and this pressurises the decline of the rhino populations. Private landowners are struggling to keep rhinos on their land. A pen is used to mark the point of removal — usually 7cm from the base of the front horn and 5cm from the base of the back horn.

The funds raised could pay for rhino conservations, such as anti-poaching, security and monitoring patrols. There is a small poor village on the side of the damn, the village used to make its income through fishing but now through rowing the poachers across the damn at night.

Rhino poaching is said to cure devil possession and keep away all evil spirits and miasmas. With money we can support more programmes and not just save the populations but develop populations and increase the numbers of rhinos.

If they were to go extinct sooner or later the poachers will find an animal that will closely resemble the old animals and also over exploit them as well. This links in with the idea of a one-off sale of rhino horn. The most obvious reason for the loss of about a rhinos in to approximately 30, today is because of poaching, habitat loss is also a key factor.

Another way in which to save the rhinos is injecting poison ectoparasiticides into the horns of the rhino; this will not harm the rhino but the person who consumes the medicine later on. All of the five species of rhinoceros are in danger to being hunted to extinction.

In addition to making a person very sick the ectoparasiticides contain a pink dye which airport scanner can detect. It can be turned to ash and taken with water to treat violent vomiting, food poisoning, and over dosage of poisonous drugs.Poaching Seals is Illegal Essay - Seal hunting for sport is illegal, and it needs to be controlled or stopped.

Seal pups especially need protection, because these brutal killings at one time almost led to the extinction of harp seals, and that still is a possibility today. POACHING IN VIET NAM The impacts and government laws Poaching, which is defined as the illegal hunting, capturing and killing of wild animals, is a serious, challenging and global problem nowadays.

This crime is threatening the biodiversity of many nations all around the world. Essay Effects of Poaching in Africa. Poaching is a worldwide catastrophe that not only affects the animals being poached but also the environment and the people around them. This problem could lead to hardships in the economic markets “increasing competition for the legitimate industry” which will lead to drastic price changes.

In which. Essay on Finding Solutions to the Poaching Problem - For every wildlife animal legally hunted another is killed illegally; this is called poaching.

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Poaching problem essay
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