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Because the modern world is unpredictable. For example, science as a discipline involves thought processes such as investigation, analysis, questioning and the generation and testing of hypotheses as well as attitudes such as curiosity, as well as scientific facts. People who can create have the ability to change the world.

Facts, regardless of whether they are historical, scientific, mathematical or literary facts, all require the same thinking skill usually memorization and recall so more and more facts develops knowledge but keeps thinking at the same level.

The first is the disciplinary mind, which refers to the mastery of schools of thought. For me, the creating mind includes searching for a better approach or analyse business cases from different angles.

I have been through this wringer. With internet access and a library card, a person can look up just about anything. This gives evidence of and deepens understanding and allows opportunities for formative assessment.

This thinking goes beyond knowledge, embracing the habits, skills, processes and attitudes of a particular discipline, such as history, science or law.

For further information demonstrating the prevalence of discussion surrounding survival of the human race against technology, as well as ideas of the contrary, see this Daily Mail articlewhere Stephen Hawking discusses the extinction of the human race at the mercy of technology.

Moreover, the MCom itself and its related characteristics could enable me to further improve my capabilities and skills required.

Gardner points to research indicating that students are unable to apply what they have learned to topics they have not been directly taught: Thereby, synthesizing capability must be fostered by business practitioners.

Moreover, it has to be mentioned that the prerequisite of synthesizing skill is to foster the ability of analysing various kinds of information.

Problem solving is a creative endeavour; as are scientists who formulate a new theory. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Creativity is essential as it allows us to keep one step ahead of computers and robots not sure this argument worksalthough he also says that every task that can be routinized eventually will be; creativity is not something that can be turned into routines.

The Ethical Mind Individuals without ethics will yield a world devoid of decent workers and responsible citizens: Imagine if a computer repairman, doctor, teacher, or librarian decided he was done learning just a decade ago.

Then, watch to see where you hear about them a second time. Take a look at the article Moral Reasoning for links to some compelling online ethics videos by a well-known professor Michael Sandel.

Gardner hypothesises about the mental traits that humans will need to obtain in order to combat the onslaught of technology and in turn survive as a species. Try new things, play around.

A qualified business professional should be highly disciplined because with solid business knowledge and necessary skills, most tasks, including those difficult, could be accomplished readily and he would gain trust from supervisors and colleagues.

The MCom enables me to gain a broad business foundation and could equip me with deep understanding of the chosen specializations.

The ethical mind requires individuals to put themselves into a larger circumstance and think about their roles in it Gardnerp. In conclusion, the disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical minds proposed by Howard Gardner are necessary for a practitioner in the business world to develop to become an informed and responsible business professional.

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A typical example is analysing economic statistics and synthesizing them to make an investment decision in financial market. As the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Howard Gardner writes this text from the perspective of a psychologist trained in cognitive science and neuroscience.

Identify significant, consequential topics or concepts within a discipline: Today, learning is an essential part of just about any job.

Minds Viewed Globally Essay Sample

Gardner also argues that the knowledge gained through chunks of deep learning will be more meaningful, and thus will also breed a desire for more knowledge. Without the synthesizing capability, people at the workplace will be overwhelmed by floods of information and cannot complete tasks in an organic way.

The multicultural backgrounds of MCom students provide me the precious opportunity to welcome and understand differences between each other. The Creating Mind The creating mind breaks new ground. Finally, the ethical mind refers to the drive to identify, as well as fulfil individual responsibilities.

However, even during periods of drill, it is vital to keep open alternative possibilities and to foreground the option of unfettered exploration p. This text is therefore designed for the use of teachers, parents, trainers, politicians, etc. As a consequence, the professional could make more contribution to the organization and will be an indispensable employee.

Secondly, the synthesizing mind refers to the ability to being together ideas from different places.

5 Minds for the Future: Cultivating Thinking Skills

Although confusing at first, I understand the purpose of this text as to identify the areas to focus on in relation to the development of the brains of our potential future leaders.We live in a time of vast changes. And those changes call for entirely new ways of learning and thinking. In Five Minds for the Future: Howard Gardner defines the cognitive abilities that will command a premium in the years ahead: World-renowned for his theory of multiple intelligences, Gardner.

Gardner comes from a background of psychology and science, and uses this to predict what ‘minds’ we might need going into the future, and what will be important traits to have going into the coming eras in order to be in control of your own life and become successful in what you’re doing.

If you have a creative mind, you can think of ways to change your own circumstance for the better and contribute cures, ideas, and products to global society.

People who can create have the ability to change the world. Throughout ‘Mind Viewed Globally’ in Five Minds For The Future, Howard Gardner more broadly presents an analysis of the future environment not specific to the media industry, but rather the human race.

As the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Howard Gardner writes this text from the perspective of. Minds Viewed Globally. A Personal Introduction.

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FOR SEVERAL DECADES, as a researcher in psychology, I have been pondering the human mind. I’ve studied how the mind develops, how it is organized, what it’s like in its fullest expanse. Aug 22,  · Written by psychologist, author and researcher; Howard Gardner, this week's reading posits the 'five minds' that one should begin to develop in preparation for the future.

He argues that for us to succeed as a species and more personally as individuals, we must be 'equipped to deal with what is expected' and more importantly .

Minds viewed globally
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