Market and business analysis of british airways

British Airways was considered the largest UK Market and business analysis of british airways by passenger numbers from its creation in untilwhen it was displaced by low-cost rival Easy Jet. The economic downturn compels the travelers to be more concerned about prices. Airlines participate along with numerous governments in order to guarantee security and safety.

British Airways will also feel the pressures of the market forces. As stated in the annual report a good example is how British Airways makes sure that the departure is always on time. This has been correctly done by British Airways. The headquarters of the airline is Heathrow.

British Airways strategic initiative is a vital element in the idea of budding a business uniqueness of British Airways. Like every behavior, a strategy is also influenced by factors that are interior and also exterior.

Business Environment Analysis

The modern marketplace has also emphasized on the airlines being responsible to the community. In this respect, there are various stakeholders of British Airways identified and these are all enumerated as below: This makes them feels like they are valued for money. In addition to this, organization has the vision to become one of a most cost effective airline in world by implementing the concept of sustainable development.

Similarly, the British Airways has to cope with various environmental concerns like climate change.

British Airways

The external threats with which BA is faced with are open skies agreement, its environmental awareness, global economic crises and lower cost competition by Ryan air, Easy Jet etc. The underlying idea of initiating this program is to tell the audience about the way employees approach their work at British Airways.

The opportunities that BA has to grow more as a favored airline is its emergence in new markets, its quality system SkyTrax and competitors failing to deliver.

British Airways SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

It is the duty of corporation like British Airways to produce products and services in accordance with their needs and demands. BA has the responsibility that it must provide payment to them in return of their services within the given specified time.

These variations have its positive impact on the identified group of stakeholders. In order to fulfill the given responsibility, cited firm is using the tactics like organizing training and development program for its employees. These regulations are useful for the routes that are chosen by the airline, the airport slots used, the fare that is set, the business partners that it works with, and the infrastructure costs paid.

PESTLE Analysis of British Airways

British Airways has revealed to the humanity that they are in addition paying attention to be extra answerable and contribute to the public in special ways. This program is instituted in conjunction with the London Olympics Raise in the rate of taxes increases the prices of product that are associated with it.

British Airways has shown that their planning for the future is tactical and the marketing and management disciplines are intact accordingly. These are those persons that enablers corporation such as British Airways in a way to carry out their goals and objectives in an effective manner.

The strengths of BA are its brand image, alliances, its size and stability and its sole access to LHR terminal 5. For a business to be flourishing it is important that it must be able to decide what resource should be devoted and what not Bailey and Johnson, British Airways has also started a campaign known as Compete Me program.

In addition to this, they have the long term objective of increasing the connectivity of their flights by directing presence at global market Khattab and et.

The given responsibility is being fulfilled by British Airways, by making all the efforts in terms of improving the sales and profitability related condition of the enterprise. The types of plans are long, medium and short term plans to make them work and effectively put into practice the organizational strategies Mintzberg et al A reputable assignment writing service.

This is one of the foremost determinants of a good client services relationship management in the airline industry. This is done by them by reducing the cause of emission that affects the environment of nation in negative way.Strengths in the SWOT analysis of British airways 90+ years of experience in the industry: British Airways (‘BA’ or ‘the Group’) is the UK’s largest international scheduled airline and one of the world’s leading global premium airlines.

British Airways (BA) is the United Kingdom flag carrier airline established in September in international and domestic transport business and ancillary services (Datamonitor, ). It flies to over destinations carrying over 33 million passengers with an annual revenue of £ Billion in / with an employee head count of 42, (British Airways, ).

Thus, here is the report on the strategic analysis of British Airways. Initially, the discussion is done on the basic airlines business showing the importance of the industry, and British Airways (BA). This article is about a brief SWOT analysis of British airways (BA).

It aims to explore the strengths and the weaknesses of BA. It also aims to examine the opportunities and the threats facing the airline. British Airways. British Airways: Latest news and analysis about British Airways flights and strikes, as well as financial information for the merged International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG).

British Airways Report constitutes a comprehensive analysis of marketing strategy and business strategy of the airline company. The report illustrates the application of the major analytical strategic frameworks in business studies such as SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain analysis and McKinsey 7S Model on British Airways.

Market and business analysis of british airways
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