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It is more of a celebration and there is a lot of drinking. The Pit The Pit is a large open cavern in the Dauntless compound and is the center of all Dauntless life. They prove to be good allies as they are trained in the art of fighting and honing physical skills.

It was formed by a group of people who blamed fear and cowardice as the cause of Living in divergent that society faces, genetic impurity. People whose results are inconclusive, with a result of more than one faction, are Divergent. Horne [7] illustrated that even when motivation to perform well is maintained, sleep can still impact divergent thinking performance.

Many members also have piercings and tattoos. Divergent Trilogy Edit Most of the city is now abandoned or in ruins. Amity is the faction that dislikes war. Some people think Dauntless are crazy, which they kind of are.

There are two choices: They formed Erudite as a way of eliminating ignorance and darkness from human minds. They also underestimated her. Persons in a negative mood may choose optimizing strategies and be more concerned with the quality of their ideas, which is detrimental to performance on this kind of task.

The Apitude Test; The aptitude test determines which faction someone is suited to. They give hugs when greeting. Being Divergent is considered dangerous. In AllegiantTris and Tobias had a date in Millenium Park at what was once known as the Jay Pritzker Pavilionclimbing on top of the famous metal pieces.

The fear landscape simulation is the third stage of the initiate training and as a final test, the initiates are forced to live out all of their fears in a simulation.

In a study documented by Lieberman, [2] the relationship between these two traits was examined, with playfulness being "conceptualized and operationally defined in terms of five traits: Further research could take this topic one step further to explore effective strategies to improve divergent thinking when in a negative mood, for example how to move beyond "optimizing strategies" into " satisficing strategies" rather than focus on "the quality of their ideas", in order to generate more ideas and creative solutions.

Failure or inability to complete initiation into a chosen faction results in a person becoming factionless. They maintain the city gates which are locked from the outside. They believe in the principle that honesty and openness would lead to a more peaceful and perfect society.

However, occasionally there are some who do not agree with the views of the faction they chose, and therefore choose to leave. They formed Amity in order to have a peaceful society free from conflict and sadness caused by wars and instigation. Promoting divergent thinking[ edit ] Activities which promote divergent thinking include creating lists of questions, setting aside time for thinking and meditationbrainstormingsubject mapping, bubble mappingkeeping a journal, playing tabletop role-playing games, [1] creating artworkand free writing.

Men usually wear a black shirt and fitted pants. The faction then divides into two groups, the Loyal Dauntless who side with their chosen faction, and the Dauntless traitors who align with Erudite to help carry out their plans. Single fear simulation room The simulation room that is used in stage two of initiate training.

The chasm is the source of many suicides and though to jump off of the chasm is idiotic and cowardly, Eric sees the jump as heroic and brave, as shown when Al jumps after Tris refuses to forgive him for trying to throw her into the chasm himself.

The Journey Begins

Loyalty The Dauntless are fiercely loyal After Erudite place all of Dauntless under the attack simulation, it is revealed that all of the Dauntless leaders were traitors siding with the Erudite, the faction that enslaved their minds.

Faction-Relations Despite being the most warlike faction, Dauntless appears to have a smoothly neutral relationship with the other factions. During the final test initiates get "truth serum" and must sit in front of everyone as they ask questions.

Results showed natural positive mood to facilitate significantly task performance and negative mood to inhibit it… The results suggest that persons in elevated moods may prefer satisficing strategies, which would lead to a higher number of proposed solutions.

Future research opportunities in this area could explore a longitudinal study of kindergarten-aged children and the development or evolution of divergent thinking abilities throughout adolescence, into adulthood, in order to substantiate the link drawn between playfulness and divergent thinking in later life.

They believed the only answer is to face your fears is through bravery. Every member gets a certain amount of points to spend per month, they spend their points on clothing and other resources as they see fit. In this study, twelve subjects were deprived of sleep for thirty-two hours, while a control group of twelve others maintained normal sleep routine.The latest Tweets from Divergent Life (@DivergentLife).

Fan Site for the @Divergent series by @VeronicaRoth. #Divergent #Insurgent #Allegiant #Ascendant. Shmoop guide to Faction Housing in Divergent.

Faction Housing analysis by Ph.D. and Masters students from Stanford, Harvard, and Berkeley.

Divergent thinking

Chicago, Illinois is the city where the story of the Divergent Trilogy takes place. The Chicago in Divergent is in the future and is very dilapidated and worn out. Correspondingly with the creation of a new seemingly utopian society, the city broke off ties from the outside and erected a fence Mention: Allegiant.

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Dauntless is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent. They are the faction dedicated to courage, bravery, strength, intimidation, and fearlessness. They are the faction dedicated to courage, bravery, strength, intimidation, and title: Dauntless Faction.

Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. It is often used in conjunction with its cognitive colleague, convergent thinking, which follows a particular set of logical steps to arrive at one solution, which in some cases is a "correct" solution.

Living in divergent
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