Legalization of drugs argument essay

It is upon this argument that proponents of legalization rest the larger part of their case. I discovered that, when alcohol is effectively free of charge, a fifth of British construction workers will regularly go to bed so drunk that they are incontinent both of urine and feces.

The new Legalization of drugs argument essay would still burgle to feed their habits. The Hippocratic oath says: This has allowed criminal, paramilitary and guerrilla groups to reap huge profits, exacerbating already serious law-and-order and political problems.

But no society until our own has had to contend with the ready availability of so many different mind-altering drugs, combined with a citizenry jealous of its right to pursue its own pleasures in its own way. Walton, Judge Reggie B.

It was better, he said, to be Socrates discontented than a fool satisfied. In natural plant drugs like opium, coca, cannabis, mescaline, and psilocybin, the medical history usually dates back thousands of years and through a Legalization of drugs argument essay of cultures.

Furthermore, current policy has not only failed to provide adequate access to treatment for substance abuse, it has, in many ways, rendered the obtaining of such treatment, and of other medical services, more difficult and even dangerous to pursue.

The first step in any plan to alleviate this dreadful affliction should be the establishment of Federal control and dispensation — at cost — of habit-forming drugs. The extreme intellectual elegance of the proposal to legalize the distribution and consumption of drugs, touted as the solution to so many problems at once AIDS, crime, overcrowding in the prisons, and even the attractiveness of drugs to foolish young people should give rise to skepticism.

Speeding is not legalized simply because it can never be eradicated. Drug legalization or decriminalization is opposed by a vast majority of Americans and people around the world. Surveys indicate that the fear of getting in trouble with the law constitutes a major reason not to use drugs.

Those psychologically unstable persons currently taking drugs would continue to do so, with the necessity to commit crimes removed, while psychologically stabler people such as you and I and our children would not be enticed to take drugs by their new legal status and cheapness.

Stringent laws, spectacular police drives, vigorous prosecution, and imprisonment of addicts and peddlers have proved not only useless and enormously expensive as means of correcting this evil, but they are also unjustifiably and unbelievably cruel in their application to the unfortunate drug victims.

It does so by permitting and indeed, causing the drug trade to remain a lucrative source of economic opportunity for street dealers, drug kingpins and all those willing to engage in the often violent, illicit, black market trade. We would have just as much crime in aggregate as before, but many more addicts.

Indeed, it is harmful, since—by raising the price of the commodity in question—it raises the profits of middlemen, which gives them an even more powerful incentive to stimulate demand further. They argue that the Dutch idea of going soft on cannabis dealers, thereby creating a "separation of markets" from hard drug dealers has failed to stem the initiation to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines, saying that, inthe Netherlands had the third highest cannabis and cocaine use in Europe.

Fear of the American legal system is a major concern of foreign drug lords. Offenders who use drugs are among the most serious and active criminals, engaging in both property and violent crime.

Arguments for and against drug prohibition

To the contrary, if the use of narcotics and stimulants were to become virtually universal, as is by no means impossible, the number of situations in which compulsory checks upon people would have to be carried out, for reasons of public safety, would increase enormously.

This is not an argument, in my view, against private property or in favor of the common ownership of all goods.

Marijuana should be legalized or not (argument ) - Essay Example

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "Studies show that someone who smokes five joints per week may be taking in as many cancer-causing chemicals as someone who smokes a full pack of cigarettes every day.

Recently, governmental refusal to take advantage of taxing hemp has been a point of criticism. After so many years of drug control experience, we now know that a coherent, long-term strategy can reduce drug supply, demand and trafficking. Even Mill came to see the limitations of his own principle as a guide for policy and to deny that all pleasures were of equal significance for human existence.Editorial Essay: “Argument versus Section Difference Between and Argument The first argument noted in the article was that Mexico argues that the sale of marijuana “fuels the country’s vicious cartels and smugglers” (Longmire par.

1). Legalization of Drugs Introduction The issue of legalization of illegal drugs has been a heated. The economic argument for drug legalization says: legalize drugs, and generate tax income. This argument is gaining favour, as national administrations seek.

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Mill's argument for justifying the legalization of drugs, his harm principle, cannot be the. Drugs Legalization Essay.

Drug Education is More Beneficial than Drug Legalization Essay. Words | 2 Pages. Legalization of Drugs Argument Essay.

Words | 13 Pages. Legalization of Drugs Argument Man, as a creature, is inherently bored. Since the dawn of time, it has been the natural instinct of man to find alternative methods to.

Against Legalization or Decriminalization of Drugs. Print; Email; Details Category: Position Statements and Resolutions Published: 01 August The legalization or decriminalization of drugs would make harmful, psychoactive, and addictive substances affordable, available, convenient, and marketable.

Recommendations Regarding Legalization. This view is based upon the argument of de-criminalization or the harm reduction which can be achieved through the legalization of drugs like Marijuana.

7 Pages ( words) Essay A Proposal Argument essay on why marijuana should be legalized not just for medicinal purposes.

Legalization of drugs argument essay
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