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Protection — the state of being protected. An interview with the Sulphonation Plant General Manager, observation of the company and its current system process, procedures, operations, and related research were conducted.

Company Overview of Gj Kids Sales And Development Inc

By taking up this field of study, the researchers will be able to take one step forward in improving, and probably taking up various ways to tackle expert systems, and Artificial Intelligence in its entirety.

I find them to be responsive, collaborative, and supportive. The functions must be arranged accordingly for the clarification of what needs to be done in the system.

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Data Integrity — accuracy and consistency of stored data, indicated by an absence of any alterations and free from any authorized change. VB10 is the language of choice because it allows the proponents to over most parts of the system.

It would also allow those researchers to further improve and develop on the system that will be generated by this group.


MS Access will be used as the database of choice because of its compatibility with Visual Basic, as well as the amount f data it can store in its memory banks. The primary mission of the ayroll department is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions, and to ensure the withholdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner.

The Pay slip generation is a simple and an automated process Here the Salary for a particular Employee is generated in accordance with his Attendance for that particular month. It is a never ending cycle. With the gathered information, we proceeded to settle the objectives to start on the proposed system.

In this phase, the proponents meet the prospective users to analyze the requirements that are required by the said users. Graphical User Interface Theory Considering that not all people are technically knowledgeable, the Graphical User Interface will have the quality of user-friendliness.

Log-out — terminating a work session. Designs and other step-by-step actions used in formulating the solutions or the proposed system will be discussed. The proposed system will be developed by using MS access. In the existing manual system, it is extremely difficult to handle large amount of data and generate valuable reports.

Accuracy — free of error correctnesscloseness to truth or fact. Identification — evidence of identity.

GJKids Sales and Development Inc.

They understand our vision and are deeply committed to what we are trying to do. There will be tools like controlling access by IP address, generating payroll reports, edit employee timesheets, manage projects, getting payroll statistics and many other features.

The system aims to cut the time which is needed to accomplish the payroll process by automating the current manual process. Manual — worked or done by hand and not by the machine. This helps identify what problems are to be expected. Payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they have provided during a certain period of time.

Authentication — proof of authenticity. Their sources of supply include both domestic and foreign producers. A software development environment that supports this technique may include the following tools: The proponents used the programming tool VB10 in creating the system.

Gathering data is a frequent part of solving problems. Automated — conversion of manual works to automatic operation. Create a Winning Sales Strategy:GJ Sales Company. 27 likes.

GJ Sales Co was created in by Gene and Gee Izworski. We are known for aligning ourselves with premeir vendors and. On purchasing the report for this company you will have access to a PDF containg the most recent data for Gj Kids Sales And Development Inc from the EMIS database.

To give you a clear idea of the information provided, you can download a sample report for a different company below. On purchasing the. A computerized payroll system will be developed for handling the payroll system of “GJKids Sales and Development Inc.

”. In the existing manual system, it is extremely difficult to handle large amount of data and generate valuable reports. Contact; BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC. CASSIA WAY, SUITE HENDERSON, NV [email protected] DMB’s singular passion is to design, build and serve vibrant, interactive communities that invite neighbors to explore and engage.

Respect pays it forward Creative design and responsible planning ensure each DMB development honors. At Research and Development Solutions, Inc (RDSI) We offer a broad spectrum of services to support the Navy.

Gj kids sales and development inc
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