General antonio lopez de santa anna

And Stephen Austin had to secure the permission from the new Mexican government, which displaced Spanish rule that same year before he could bring the first Anglo families into Texas.

Who was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna?

His leadership was said to inspire the sea shanty " Santianna ". He played a key role in the Texas Revolution and the founding of the Mexican Republic. Another important liberal, Lorenzo de Zavalaalso supported Guerrero. A brilliant organizer and training officer, McClellan was popular with his men.

Antonio López de Santa Anna

The resolution effectively banned the taking of prisoners of war: This tactic led him to the Mexican presidency on numerous occasions, but often involved him in misadventures, including the failed military operation against Texas insurgents in With resentment growing, Santa Anna stepped down from power and fled in December Although he introduced chewing gum to the United States, he did not make any money from the product.

His shattered ankle required amputation of much of his leg, which he ordered buried with full military honors. He conducted occasional campaigns to suppress Native Americans or to restore order after a tumult had begun. Having retreated from politics inhe remained disconnected until his death in His reputation and influence were further strengthened by his critical role in defeating an Spanish effort to reconquer their former colony.

Santa Anna wrote to Mexico City saying he had no aspirations to the presidency, but would eagerly use his military experience to reclaim Texas. The people of Texas resisted, gaining control of the Alamo. InSanta Anna also wrote a manifesto in which he reflected on his Texas experiences as well as his surrender.

He made one more comeback, inand secured the presidency for the 11th time. He remained in and out of the Mexican limelight — sometimes in exile — until retiring in to write his memoirs in Mexico City. In MaySanta Anna ordered disarmament of the civic militia.

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Through the unforeseen twists of history, Santa Anna was able to make not one, but two comebacks to lead Mexico, despite defeat in the Mexican-American War. Both armies were also prohibited from contact with each other. It serves as the frontier picquet guard, and if it were in the possession of Santa Anna, there is no stronghold from which to repel him in his march towards the Sabine.

The Mexican General who Fell Asleep and Lost Texas

Poinsett that it is very true that I threw up my cap for liberty with great ardor, and perfect sincerity, but very soon found the folly of it.Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mexican political leader, general, and president who greatly influenced early Mexican and Spanish politics and government, fought first against Mexican independence from Spain.

Antonio López de Santa Anna () The dominant figure in Mexican politics for much of the 19th century, Antonio López de Santa Anna left a legacy of disappointment and disaster by.

The Battle of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, ) was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution.

General Santa Anna dies in Mexico City

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led Mexican troops into Texas in On February 11, Neill left the Alamo, determined to recruit additional reinforcements and gather supplies.

Antonio López de Santa Anna: Antonio López de Santa Anna, army officer and statesman who was the storm centre of Mexico’s politics during such events as the Texas Revolution (–36) and the Mexican-American War (–48).

The son of a minor colonial official, Santa Anna served in the Spanish army and rose to the rank of. General Santa Anna dies in Mexico City Embittered and impoverished, the once mighty Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna dies in Mexico City.

Born in at Jalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico, Santa Anna was the. General Antonio López de Santa Anna remains one of the more controversial and enigmatic figures in Mexican and United States history.


Born in Jalapa inSanta Anna followed his father into.

General antonio lopez de santa anna
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