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It is located at the Forest of arden end of the frontage of Coughton Court and is owned by the National Trust. Surveys and aerial photographs are revealing information about the Warwickshire landscape including the surprising fact that some tree specimens may be over years old.

From arounduntil the suppression of the order inthe Knights Templar owned a preceptory at Temple Balsall in the middle of the Forest of Arden. The wayside cross was said to be the place travellers would pray at before entering The Ancient Forest of Arden, now just a collection of small woods.

Henley-in-Arden, Bearley and Oversley are good examples. And other place names such as Packwood and Four Oaks refer to landscape features. Where the forest had been cleared land was used for farming and the typical medieval ridge and furrow ploughing system can still be seen as close to Stratford as the fields surrounding Clopton House.

These show that many of the remaining hedgerows are medieval, some perhaps a thousand years old. It Forest of arden believed that many local families had resisted the Reformation and retained Catholic sympathies, possibly including the family of Shakespearewhose paternal ancestors were from Temple Balsall.

There are many indications of the past history of this area. An ancient mark stone known as "Coughton Cross" is still present at the south western corner of the forest, at the junction of Icknield Street now A and the salt track. Heart of England forest[ edit ] Publisher Felix Dennis planted substantial areas of woodland in the area, known as the Heart of England Forest and on his death in left most of his fortune to be used for this purpose.

The most important and largest settlement in the forest was the town Henley-in-Arden in a valley of the River Alne, approximately 15 miles southeast of Birminghamthe site of an Iron Age hillfort. He attributed the change to the increase in grazing for sheep and cows, the need for firewood, and the building boom.

An article in the latest edition of the magazine of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trustthough, challenges the view that nothing is left of the ancient woodland. Coppiced trees in Oversley Wood near Alcester But some of the coppiced small-leaved lime or linden trees in Oversley Wood, between Stratford and Alcester, may well be as old as years.

You might not be able to wander through the forest that Shakespeare knew, but individual oaks, hedgerows and coppiced trees are still a powerful link to the past.

Other ancient oaks are at Baginton, Ullenhall and Ragley Park. Located near the geographical centre of England, the Forest of Arden, through which no Roman roads were built, was bounded by the Roman roads Icknield StreetWatling StreetFosse Wayand a prehistoric salt track leading from Droitwich.

Many sweet chestnuts may be just as old but are more difficult to date. Coppiced trees have been cut back repeatedly so that instead of having a single trunk the tree develops a stool from which many branches grow.

The area of Warwickshire stretching north of Stratford as far as Warwick and Coventry is still full of ancient features. The wood was in effect a crop that could be regularly harvested with many uses including fuel and the making of cups and bowls.

Robert Catesbyleader of the Gunpowder Plot ofwas a native of Lapwortha village in Arden.

Where was Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden?

Hedgerows can now be more accurately dated by finding woodland indicator plants such as native bluebell, primrose and wood anemone and woody species including hazel and small-leaved lime.

The property then passed to the Knights Hospitallerwho held it until the Reformation during the 16th century. When the trees were cleared to make way for the field systems the hedgerows that were left to surround the fields were all that remained of the original Forest of Arden.

These findings indicate that there are vestiges of the ancient countryside in Warwickshire, some very close to his own town.

Forest of Arden, Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Proposal for a new national forest[ edit ] The Countryside Commission considered creating a new national forest in the area inbut the proposal was not taken up. Mary Ardenmother of William Shakespearewas a member. Welsh arddby extension "highland", the area was formerly thickly forested and known as the Forest of Arden.

Other parts of the branches had their own uses:Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club Enjoy a golf break here at Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club. Our hotel features Forest of arden of the West Midlands' best courses, with 36 holes of championship golf, suitable for every skill level.

The latest Tweets from Forest of Arden (@MarriottForestA). Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel and Country Club is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. We are close to Drayton Manor Park, NEC centre and busy shopping centres. Born in Stratford inWilliam Shakespeare spent his formative years on the doorstep of Arden and, although its size had begun to decrease, the Forest of Arden remained intact throughout the Bard’s life.

The Forest of Arden, A Marriott Hotel & Country Club, is one of Britain’s top golf resorts and its magnificent Arden Course is renowned around the world as one of the European Tour’s leading venues. You might not be able to wander through the forest that Shakespeare knew, but individual oaks, hedgerows and coppiced trees are still a powerful link to the past.

This entry was posted in Shakespeare's World, Stratford-upon-Avon and tagged Clopton House, coppicing, Forest of Arden, oak, Oversley Wood, Snitterfield Bushes, Steven Falk. Arden is an area, located mainly in Warwickshire, England, and also part of Staffordshire and Worcestershire traditionally regarded as extending from the River Avon to the River Tame.

It was once heavily wooded, giving rise to the name 'Forest of Arden'. It does not seem that the area was subject to forest law however.

Forest of arden
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