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Essay paper on amazons makes it possible for people to make purchase using their local languages. Over that time, the company says its own retail revenues were up three-fold BusinessWeek. Amazon later obtained an injunction on Barnes and Noble and sparked a huge debate around the question of which software, and even business processes can or cannot, be patented.

This is one of the main features of e-commerce business.

Amazon has one of the most-sophisticated supply chain systems in the world. Social networking is reducing e business communication experts especially for online business that maximize their use of the technology.

Impact of Social Networking media on e business: Effective supply chain management, has been identified in a survey by The Economist, as being an essential contribution to gaining competitive advantage.

A customer can see the relevant detailed information within seconds rather than waiting for days or weeks. They, use a set of applications for accepting and validating customer orders, placing and tracking orders with suppliers and managing and assigning inventory to customer orders.

Ward and Peppard conclude Essay paper on amazons E-business offers huge potential to gather information and intelligence about consumer and customer preference and attitudes online, rather than through traditional market research.

Since it is global it needs to have a storage facility for products for separate regions, each region with a different warehouse for easy delivery to the customer on time.

Online businesses and their recruiters search online for qualified candidates on professionals networking sites as it is less than it costs to buy a job advertisement. People may choose to start their shopping from their social networking sites, rather than from the more traditional retail or portal site.

In order to cope with the Christmas rush, Amazon has far more computing capacity than it needs for most of the year. Many provide online customers with the option of picking up goods from the shop down the road.

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It made the e commerce business to expand their businesses though different parts of the world due to the pressure of globalization. Today, hundreds of thousands of retail brands and individual sellers reach new customers by leveraging the power of the Amazon. Future plans to sustain competitive edge will be examined; Amazon not only continue to use technology to improve their customer centric operations, but are now in fact opening up this technology and providing technical and logistics solutions to other firms.

According to Ward and Peppard, the implications of the promotional flow of information which informs customers further down the chain of the products and services available have to be understood. All products are protected by insurance in case of any damage or loss on transit.

Due to the low cost for new-entrants to e-Commerce — it requires relatively little capital investment to set up an e-Business- the threat of competing websites is omni-present for Amazon. Technology, again, is the conduit for their marketing strategy.

Companies are maintaining one to one marketing strategies regardless of how large the number of customers or partners involved gets. These alliances have allowed Amazon to use their established technological lead in the e-Commerce platform to generate revenues as well as their other strategic objectives.

The e commerce business evolved out of necessity by the masses to access goods and services that are not available in their environments. This is done by allowing companies to focus on a select group of clients with a competitive advantage by giving them what they want and the satisfaction of unique needs.

Consequently, Amazon are forced to keep their prices down and accept lower margins. This is explained by the fact that the internet is a channel reset costs and consequently, many products and services, which are typically delivered as a physical object or service are now available in virtually as data. Situation Analysis

Secondly, traditional retailers are rapidly moving part of their trading online. Amazon, in fact have a history of strategic alliances with various firms — Borders and SmugMug, to mention just a few.

However in a fast moving global economy, no future is certain. The e-commerce store are centrally managed, for each store all the subsidiaries report to the mother company all records are been transferred there, main server and networks are been managed by the head office. The world economies are becoming more integrated through online transactions between countries of the world.

E commerce business is known widely by its large scale operation from the time a customer chooses a product and adds it to his cart to the payment processes and the modes in which he wants the product or service to be delivered.

Customers are free to use any internet portal they choose to search for goods, and can use price comparison portals such as www. These networks are making recruitment efforts more precise and reducing the cost and time involved in recruitment.

Inbound logistics — including receiving, storing, inventory control — are managed by sophisticated technology such Transportation Optimization and Management Systems TOMS. It says that all market leaders have supply chains that are more responsive to customer demand.

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Advertisement on social networks has had negative results because customers tend to block the pop ups advertisement on their computers by making it on a short list of intrusion on their computer security mechanism or ant Inc.

is the leading online retailer that deals with electronic products and cloud hosting services. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in but the website, which is the main marketing and selling platform for the company, was launched in (Olsen ).

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