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It authorises the President to provide by order that the Governor of each of those two States would have special responsibility for separate regional development boards.

This classification is based on a combination of number of years of residence in the State, ownership of immovable property in the State and recognition given under an old princely rule.

Legislative Exceptions One does not recall any Law Minister of India ever being asked the following questions in Parliament: Politicians and Government employees are being increasingly charged under this law.

The two exceptions are Nagaland and Mizoram where laws on three categories of subjects are to be first decided by the State Assembly concerned before Essay on article 370 are enacted by Parliament; these subjects have been chosen only because they are linked to tribal customs and to protection of tribal economic interests, and not because of any reason of conferring autonomy on the States.

But Parliament is in no way bound by these views. Article Lays down that provided Parliament has not already done so, a State Legislature may make laws regarding all election matters subject to the provisions of the Constitution of India. In the Concurrent List, existing entries 1 and 2 substituted for the State, and existing entries 3, 5 to 10, both inclusive 14, 15, 17, 20, 24, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 37, 38, 41 and 44 stand omitted.

Now, these relate particularly to matters which are not mentioned in the Ins trument of Accession, and it is one of our commitments to the people and Government of Kashmir that no such additions should be made except with the consent of the Constituent Assembly which may be called in the State for the purpose of framing its Co nstitution.

The British gave an Indian State and its ruler protection against neighbours and usurpers by stationing company troops in its capital under the control of a British Resident. Article G is for Mizoram and, apart from stipulating the strength of the State Assembly of not less than 40 members, puts the same conditions as in Nagaland on Parliament enacting laws on certain subjects unless the Legislative Assembly so decides by a resolution.

To scrap this special provision would mean reverting to the Instrument of Accession. Nothing is further from the truth.

The issue of abrogation of article has created a distress in the valley and as well as n the political scenario. Before leaving the country for a visit abroad, Pandit Nehru finalised the draft provisions relating to Jammu and Kashmir with Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and entrusted Golpalaswami Ayyangar the task of piloting these provisions through the Constituent Assembly.

It lists 42 orders under Article and gives the following opinion: Incidentally, a legal view is that a Parliamentary resolution is time-bound and lapses when the particular Lok Sabha which passed it is dissolved. With the judgement ofthe problem of gender bias was also abdicated making it even for both the genders.

Hence it was a justified stipulation of this clause that concurrence given by the State Interim Government was required to be placed before that Assembly for decision after that Assembly had been convened.

Which other State has been subjected to such debasement an d humiliation? This prelude has been extremely rarely used in the rest of the Indian Constitution. Thus, there is no Article in the Constitution of India publication.

As it transpired, the vast majority of the princely States were in the territory that would become India: The correc t view appears to be that recourse is to be had to this clause only when the Constituent Assembly sic Constitution of the State has been fully framed.

Article 370, what should be the government's approach to it?

Not only this, but the issue of article has questioned the governments motives and timing of controversy. All additions to Union powers since then are unconstitutional. They have committed themselves to the position that an opportunity will be given to the people of the State to decide for themselves the nature of their Constitution.

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Article 370

1 through The most sinister aspect of proposed Article was the provision that any changes could be brought about in it only by the concurrence of J&K assembly. Nehru’s promise that Article was a temporary provision and will get eroded over a period of time has turned out to be a chimera.

Free Essay: ARTICLE LAWS AND POLITICS While the Constitution recognises in Article the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Government's.

An Essay on Article 370 and Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir

The Instrument of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India was signed by the Maharaja Hari Singh in October, and a special. Related Articles: An Essay on Article and Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir.

With the increase in subversive and terrorist activity in the state of J. & K., There has been a clamorous demand for the abrogation of article of the constitution which grants a special status to Kashmir, the demand has been fanned and intensified by the role of Pakistan in J.

& K. Related Articles: [ ].

Essay on article 370
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