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Whether it is spicy lobster, beef filet, Creole chicken or any of their menu options anybody chooses, regardless of selection he or she will not be disappointed as Wahoo Bay Beach is noted for its finely prepared cuisine.

Interesting Places to Visit

One actually has to be there to feel the magic it does to me, and it still does, until today. Kashmir has historical monuments, picturesque spots, enchanting landscapes and green forests in abundance.

In fact, I have a dream to travel across the world and accordingly, I am making my dream come true. Besides, there are shrines of historical and religious interest. The flower beds were a treat for the eyes. I felt like Tarzan in a real jungle.

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Kashmir is located in the Himalayan region. Within a minute, it cast a whole new world in front of me. I soon found out that there was more to it than meets the eye. Further, the cultural events that take place on the beach are enjoyable to the last moment.

Amid all this splendour, I seemed just to be Essay interesting place visited a tiny being admiring a huge palace.

The lotus with its big, pale pink petals and yellows buds, all squeezing into the small lake somehow seduced me, as it always did to all the visitors.

Even toddlers who had just learned to walk eagerly followed their parents to explore the wonder of this land. In the centre of the garden there was a pond having multi-coloured fish, a charming spectacle indeed.

And a good number of them get engaged into various recreational activities. Besides, I also travelled in some other parts of Asia. It is widely famous for its rich flora and fauna. Some poor children were chased by them.

Apart from having great scenic attraction, these places are good health resorts.

An Interesting Place To Visit

Several people enjoy the sight of scenic beauty; some are attracted towards places of historical and archaeological interests.

And finally, there was fog everywhere. Besides, the view of sunrise and sunset are the two most enjoyable scenes from the beach. The Mughal Gardens are indeed a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

The view is to die for. A few may be interested in visiting places of religious importance. Kashmir is abundantly endowed with some of the best hill stations in India.

The cave of Amarnath where the temple of Lord Shiva is located is a marvellous place for the religious tourists. It is said to be the heaven on earth. Describe a place you remember well.

Describe a place you want to visit. Tourists were seen everywhere. Fountains and water channels running across the garden added to this feast of flowers. Apart from the scenic beauty, the Shalimar and Nishaat Bagh, have great historical importance.

It was the most beautiful place that we had seen. At present, the beach is around one kilometre in length and a large number of people come enjoy the beauty of the ocean round the year.

I have some interesting experience about this popular sea beach and I am happy to describe them here. All meals are specially prepared to the guests liking. The whole area was very attractive and interesting in my taste.

Monkeys were one of the biggest attractions here. When I was standing at the gate, the land was still enveloped in the darkness of the previous night. The beach is named after the surrounding locality and has become popular in many senses.

There are so many nice places on the earth. The place haunts my mind and I find myself revisiting the garden in dreams.Descriptive Essay About a Place You Visited Descriptive Analysis - Words Descriptive Analysis The motion picture Mean Girls, produced by Mark Waters and Tina Fey, is a.

Interesting places to visit All world have many interesting and fascinating places to visit. Some of them can be made by nature, some by people, some can be frightful, some amazing.

Word have a lot of different people, cultures, nations and all of them have something interesting to show you. Open Document. Below is an essay on "An Interesting Place That You Have Visited" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

Essay about The Best Places I've Ever Visited; Traveling is fun to me and its very interesting to me.

Essay on the Most Beautiful Place I have recently Visited

Looking to learn more history about countries with their cultures trying new things around their culture their past because if you wanna look at the future of somthing look at the past.

The first place that Tux visited was New York. In. Descriptive Essay: My Mystical Place - For a half hour, every school day, for a few months, I was really happy. A friend and I would go to the drainpipe, and we would sit, talk, eat our lunches, and listen to.

INTERESTING PLACES TO GO IN MALAYSIA 1) Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur The iconic landmark is a must-visit.

Visitors can shop at the Suria KLCC mall or enjoy a day under the sun at the KLCC Park. Visitors can shop at the Suria KLCC mall or enjoy a day under the sun at the KLCC Park.

Essay interesting place visited
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