Daystar by rita dove form

Why, building a palace. Wednesday, November 12, Context: At the end of the poem she is primarily a wife who must meet the needs of her husband, despite her exhaustion. The only time that she can do what she wants is the short time that her children are taking a nap.

She has no name because she barely exists as anything but a wife and a mother. Of course that is the point. She feels like a limp, lifeless doll. For sure that is all that is keeping her alive now. Mothering in this poem is conveyed as a full-time job.

These images are the reflection of a woman who is weary and who is desperate for just a few quiet moments. What does matter is that it is her time, a time to build a palace, which is of course a metaphor for dreaming of something better, finer, and grander than what she lives out in her life day to day.

Looking at bugs or leaves or the back of her own eyelids is all the same to her. Her existence is dependent on taking care of her children and nothing else. The mother takes a chair outside when her children are napping to have time to herself.

We meet a woman who, at the beginning of the poem is carrying out the duties of motherhood. Even then, all that she can do is sit alone outside and think about feeling free while observing nature. That hour is the only thing she has that gives her any solace in the midst of the weary life which no longer seems to belong to her.

The situation that the poem develops around is caring for children.

The unanswered question of this poem is whether that one hour, that "daystar," will be enough to keep her alive or if she will collapse under the weight of being what others have made her. Sometimes there were things to watch- the pinched armor of a vanished cricket, a floating maple leaf.

In this tiresome job the mother looks forward to her one hour break mid-day when the children are asleep.

What is the theme of

She is not able to do any exciting or stimulating activities. This character really represents all the women in society who feel stuck in their role as a stay-at-home wife and have no opportunity to do anything else with their life.

The poem is written as a free verse with relatively short lines. The diapers are steaming as they hang on the line, a doll is slumping behind the door, she lugs a chair to a quiet spot behind the garage, her daughter Liza is pouting, and her husband Thomas is rolling and lurching into her.

Daystar She wanted a little room for thinking: She would open her eyes and think of the place that was hers for an hour--where she was nothing, pure nothing, in the middle of the day.

Rita Dove Analysis

In Daystar by Rita Dove the speaker is talking about a mother. She has been absorbed by her family and has nothing left for herself, nothing but a few short minutes in a chair behind the garage, surrounded by withered up bugs and field mice, in which she dreams of something more.

Sometimes there were things to watch-- the pinched armor of a vanished cricket, a floating maple leaf. All she really wants is to do something else, anything to break away from this stifling and dull life. Her day is monotonous and tiring with child care tasks such as changing diapers.

We know that she is working hard and is thankful for the short hour when her daughter takes a nap. The setting creates an image of a messy house, run over by children.

It is only what happens in the middle that is most interesting to her and which moves us toward the theme. Being a mother is a full time job; the setting of the cluttered house and her single hour of isolation convey that situation of a full time job.

The speaker places us in the home of a mentally and emotionally exhausted mother who works day in and day out for her children.Analysis of Rita Dove’s, “Daystar” “Daystar” by Rita Dove is an expressive poem, which centers on the main character, a young mother and wife, who internally struggles with her burdensome, daily duties, which creates a lack of freedom in her world.

Mar 27,  · Poem Analysis: “DayStar” by Rita Dove Posted on March 27, by hel “DayStar” by Rita Dove is a poem that illustrates the life of a woman who feels trapped because of her role as a mother and wife.

Poem Analysis: “DayStar” by Rita Dove

DAYSTAR Rita Dove was born in Akron, Ohio. From an early age, she loved poetry and music. She played cello in her high school orchestra. As one of the most outstanding high school graduates of her year, she was invited to the White House as a Presidential Scholar. Rita Dove is an African-American poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of works both fiction and non-fiction.

This poem, "Daystar," reflects the plight of a mother and wife who can only find peace. Rita Dove is an African-American poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of works both fiction and non-fiction.

This poem, "Daystar," reflects the plight of a mother and wife who can only find. Nov 12,  · Context: "Daystar" by Rita Dove Rita Dove is an American poet from Ohio.

he served as Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from to She has received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, and a National Humanities Medal.

Daystar by rita dove form
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