Chicken run poultry supply chain

Increased profitability due to increase in orders. Two factors should be taken into consideration here the value added in the process and the value of purchased materials. Merits of current situation The inventory buffer is placed before the packaging and label process takes place and inventory is placed last.

Less chance of products becoming obsolete as inventory comes after inventory buffer Merits of postponing the labelling operation 1.

Less waste of raw materials as inventory comes after inventory buffer Merits of postponing the packaging operation 1. More essays like this: Faster delivery times due to decrease in lead time causing an increase in reliability 2.

May be performed more cheaply Chicken run poultry supply chain outsourcing company 5. Increase in quality due to Wings and Legs high quality control system 2. Increased flexibility by cutting cycle times 4. How beneficial this is depends on the cost of packaging and labelling as discussed above.

Short delivery time causes a downstream effect on the decoupling point. First of all because the best before date is a technical safety limit to sell the product, and secondly because retailers do not accept the same best before date on subsequent deliveries.

Question 5 Information that flows downstream in poultry supply chain: The result of this is a downstream effect on the decoupling point. The perishability of chicken means products may become obsolete very easily due to the limited shelf lives of food products.

Improves company focus by allowing Wings and Legs to concentrate on their core competencies and further develop your competitive advantage Advantages for poultry processors 1.

Less packaging and labelling waste as buffer is placed before this process. Longer lead times due to length of time for packaging and labelling.

As noted in the case study, Wings and Legs have a large diversity of products, originating from differences in packaging size, labels and brands.

Financial performance increase due to the above factors Question 4 Advantages to Wings and Legs from outsourcing 1. With regards to production planning demand information should be passed from Wings and Legs to outsourcers as quickly as possible in order to give outsourcers enough time to complete orders properly.

Larger chance of products becoming obsolete as inventory level is after packaging. If a bottleneck is present in the supply system the decoupling point should be placed upstream from the location of the bottleneck. When outsourcing Quality control must be at the highest standard possible due to the negative effects which will occur if quality is not up to standard.

Long set up times have a downstream effect on the location of the decoupling point. Another point to consider is the value of stock. Better co-operation would be beneficial and open up possibilities for longer lead times 2. Although demand is currently unpredictable the odds are the retailers have point of sale data which could and should be shared with Legs and Wings.

Increases response times 6. Their high risk of obsolescence results in a upstream effect on the decoupling point 3.

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The merits of this situation include: Cleaning and set up times are also important factors in Wings and Legs situation. High variety of demand causes a upstream effect on the decoupling point 2.

Summary of factors effecting Wings and Legs decoupling point 1. High delivery reliability causes a downstream effect on the decoupling point 2.

Increased profitability due to increase in quality 3. Retailers switching suppliers 2. Less Stock outs for the retailer.

Stock Characteristics The case study mentions that although quality is controlled variations can occur.Class Assignment DT Chicken Run The Poultry Supply Chain Group Names: Declaration “ We hereby certify that this material, which we now submit for assessment for the module "Retailing Logistics" on the program of study leading to the award of the degree of in.

Chicken Run- The Poultry Supply Chain Demand vs Product Characteristics Demand Characteristics: Unpredictable demand Demand imbalance Lean or Agile? What information should flow downstream in the supply chain (to the poultry processor) so that wings and legs are able to match supply with demand in a better way?

Answer The rapid changes in consumer tastes, technology, and competition, companies must develop a steady stream of new products and services.

Chicken Run – The Poultry supply chain Essay Sample

The Chicken run, the poultry supply chain. Article (PDF Available) · January with 2, Reads. Cite this publication. Supply Chain Management and Strategy Assignment 1 Ross James BA Management Matriculation Number- Module Code- MHN Word Count- Table of Contents Introduction Norwaycycle are a Norwegian bicycle manufacturer supplying bicycles to professional cyclists and those with a passion for cycling.

Furthermore, the end of the supply chain is characterised by very short required lead times (retail-companies demand a delivery time of between 18 to 48 hours).

Chicken run poultry supply chain
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